What To Do After an Auto Claim

1) Call your insurance company and file a claim first.

• Your insurance provider will walk you through the claims process. Write down your claim number and ask your insurance provider how soon they can get an adjustor to inspect your vehicle. Remember, your insurance rates will NOT increase after you file a claim due to storm damage or other natural disasters. Everyone in your zipcode and surrounding areas will be filing claims as well, so don’t be the last one!

2) Your insurance provider will schedule an appointment for an adjustor to inspect your vehicle.

• The adjustor will prepare an estimate, provide you with a copy, and suggest places you can take your vehicle for repair. Remember, you have the right to choose who repairs your vehicle. Your insurance provider will encourage you to use a “Direct Repair Facility”. Direct Repair Facilities are not allowed to waive your deductible due to various agreements they have with your insurance provider. Direct Repair Facilities often resort directly to “conventional repair” methods versus paintless dent repair as well. Conventional repair is invasive and requires panels such as your roof to be cut off your vehicle. This can leave the structural integrity of your vehicle in jeopardy and can leave you without your vehicle for extended periods of time as well.

3) Call Dent Teks to Schedule An Appointment.

• You can either bring your car to our repair facility or we can come pick it up. Either way, have your insurance estimate with you. Our skilled technicians will provide you with a complete damage inspection and prepare an estimate and submit this to your provider (if necessary) to ensure all damage is accounted for and repaired properly.

4) Dent Teks will provide you with a rental car even if you do not have rental coverage through your insurance provider.

• It’s important to us that your life is not put on hold while your vehicle is being repaired. We will be in constant contact with your insurance provider and keep you informed of all the progress on your vehicle. There are instances where adjustors might miss a cracked windshield or dents on various panels. Our diligent office staff will work with your insurance provider to include any damage not previously included in the adjustor’s estimate. Our goal is to get you through this process in about a week!

5) Time for delivery!

• We will contact you when your vehicle is ready. You will have ample time to inspect your vehicle for complete satisfaction. You have a lifetime warranty with Dent Teks. With the lifetime limited warranty from Dent Teks you can be sure we will honor our workmanship and services. We pride ourselves in our long standing 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.